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Do You Have A Pension?

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Ohio Pension Consultants was co-founded by Carl McClurg and Jeremy Frazie. They realized many pension plan members work 25 to 35 years and make retirement decisions 2-4 months before retirement, during a 30-minute meeting. That’s not much of a retirement plan. Jeremy and Carl help pension members tackle the 5 MAJOR FINANCIAL CHALLENGES by utilizing the 4 CORNERSTONES of financial freedom and prosperity. Retirement planning should start at least 10 years from your desired date, not several weeks. Ohio Pension Consultants goal, is to better serve members of the five Ohio Pension Plans by helping them get their ENTIRE financial house in order.

Understand your options

We have years of experience working with members of Ohio's STRS, OPERS, SERS, OP&F and Highway Patrol pension plans. We offer a free consultation to help pension members better understand their options at retirement time and educate them on strategies to potentially maximize their pension benefits for their families.

We can provide insight into:

  • SLA - single life option
  • J/S - options (settle for the state's option or take control of your own)
  • PLOP options
  • How will your pension affect social security?
  • WEP
  • GPO
  • 403 (b) and 457 deferred compensation rollovers

Web Links

  1. OHPRS
  2. OPERS
  3. OP&F
  4. STRS
  5. SERS

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